About Us

Virginhairworld is a United Kingdom company specialising in  human hair extensions, driven by passion to sourcing and supplying nothing but only pure luscious  human hair , our passion is exceptionally challenged by disappointed stories we hear from customers coming to us having had bad experiences from other vendors... Nothing worst than looking forward to a really good day, the  feeling of looking gorgeous with a perfect hair to match , bringing out the inner beauty in you but ending up with a very  'bad hair day'.  ouch! , say no more... We've experienced it all  ourselves and know how it feels, this is where and how virginhairworld was born,  to sourcing real hair that provides the satisfaction of a money well spent and most importantly, looking good, feeling great and loving the hair you're wearing... Nothing is impossible,  We put a lot of hard work and efforts to  sourcing good quality human hair, carefully handpicked and made to the weft with  perfection, we are driven by burning  passion with years of experience to delivery high standard quality and  we  simply provide what women want.., pure natural soft hair. 

Constantly on the look out for real hair, purchasing and collecting them in large quantities of purity from donors  across the world in countries such as , Brazil, India, Peru, Cambodia, Russia, Mongolia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Hungarian, Romania,Ukraine, etc We also operate a strict quality control process making sure, our virgin hair are nothing but high quality , free of any kind of imperfections to give pure, soft, glowing, beautiful long lasting natural hair which is restylable and colorable , treating as your own natural hair. All our hair are therefore tested and must have passed shedding and tangling procedure before putting out for public sales.

So we are uniquely different at virginhairworld because we seek after premium top quality,  soft hair to the touch and once installed, luscious hair that stays so and lasts for longer without tangling or shedding, no hard work in maintenance.

And so, with a passion so dedicated to sourcing natural beautiful hair, we have built a good reputation with long lists of satisfied and returning customers all over the  United kingdom, America, Europe and Africa and  we've also helped a lot of small businesses over the years, so whether you’re a mobile hair dresser / stylist or salon owner,  wholesaler, retailer, we can fulfill your needs in large orders and quantities, simply contact us by email or phone.. We also supply hair extensions to shows, television programmes, fashion shows, stage shows, films, etc. Please do  contact us for more info if you require further assistance.
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